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Soul Environmental is in the business of trying to help people determine if they are living in and around any type of residential or light commercial environmental hazard. We understand that hiring a Certified Industrial Hygienist can be expensive or in some cases cost prohibitive, especially in the early stages of a hazard investigation. Therefore, Soul Environmental has set out to help people affordably determine if they have a potential hazard within their living environment. If a serious environmental problem is found to exist, we stand ready to help refer the problem to the appropriate professional organization including members of the AIAQC OR IAQA who will then be able to assist the individuals affected by the particular environmental hazard.

Soul Environmental inspects and test for fungus, mold, mildew, formaldehyde, water intrusion, air quality along with other important and common residential and light commercial hazards.

Your Home Environment

Many people are unaware of the effects that mold, mildew, dust, formaldehyde, radon gas, etc. can have on their personal health. At Soul Environmental, we are dedicated to the promotion of a healthy environment. We understand that there are toxicologists, doctors and other Certified Industrial Hygienists that can do and perform many of the same tests that are performed by our staff. However, most of these people are committed to the industrial working environment and not the personal living environment. Hiring such a person can and usually is very expensive. Our goal is to provide quality, affordable and accurate environmental testing for residential and light commercial clients.

Soul Environmental specializes in the residential and light commercial environment. Our training has been geared to the discovery of problems related to the residential environment. Once discovered, we can help locate trained and certified professionals who can properly abate any noted residential or light commercial environmental problems.

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