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Common Servicesothers by request

1.) Radon Testing, $145.00
Includes testing 2 locations within the dwelling. Add $35.00 for each additional location. Results are not instantaneous. Lab results take 6 to 10 days. Samples must be within dwelling 24 to 48 hours. On site montitoring is available for $165- next day results.

2.) Ozone Testing, $145.00 + Report Writing Time
For those people who are sensitive to the ozone. We test up to 10 locations within and around the dwelling for ozone.

3.) Formaldehyde Testing, $145.00 + Lab Fees and Report Writing
This includes testing 3 areas within the dwelling for formaldehyde. Testing equipment must be in the dwelling for 24 to 36 hours. This is an important test for those who live around a great deal of chipboard (osb type) material.

4.) Bulk Mold/Mildew Sampling, $165 + Lab Fees and Report Writing Time
We will cut out and send in bulk samples of mold, fungus and mildew for $145/HR + report time + lab costs. The bulk samples can be cultured or just viewed under the microscope depending upon the client’s needs and desires.

5.) Air Sampling, $165 + Lab Fees + Report Writing Time
We will take air samples for mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites ect. And send the samples to the lab for testing. Minimum of two samples required – one indoor and one outdoors. Additional samples as requested or as needed depending upon the potential environmental problems noted. These tests are important for those people who often feel sick at home but well when away from the dwelling. Average cost for a full home assessment $395-$525

6.) Visual Inspection for Mold, $165 + Report Writing Time
Soul Environmental will complete a visual inspection for mold and moisture problems for the cost of $165 + report writing time. This does not include any air samples.

7.) Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Testing, $145.00/HR + Report Writing Time
We will complete a test inside the dwelling for carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide for $145/HR using on-site indicators. These indicators will give instant indications of whether the potential deadly gases are present but will not give an indication of the true volume of gas present. If the deadly gases do show up using the on-site indicators, additional tests can be made to determine the actual volume of gases present. The cost for the additional tests are $145/HR + Lab Fees + Report Time.

8.) Specific Testing- Client’s Request, $145/HR + Lab Fees + Report Writing Time
If the client is in need of a specific type of air quality, mold, mildew or other test not shown above, we will perform such test for $145/HR plus lab fees if needed as long as no specialized equipment is needed for the test. If other specialists must be brought in for special testing their normal fee plus 10% will be charged.

9.) Water Intrusion and Moisture Problems, $145/HR + Lab Fees, If Needed + Report Writing Time
We will help search out and find the location of moisture intrusion in dwelling for $145/HR. If the water intrusion has resulted in the growth of any mold or mildew additional lab fees maybe charged for testing these items. We will not perform any destructive tests without the written permission of the dwelling owner.

10.) Construction Defects - $145 per hour + Report Writing Time
Soul Environmental often works with insurance companies, attorneys and others in the discovery of construction defects. Pictures and written documentation are provided when these services are used.

11.) Mediation and Court Time - $125 per hour

12.) Abatement Plans $145 per hour
If the client(s) need to have a mold or other remediation plan written up the cost will be billed at $145.00 per hour. aka (abatement writing). Average cost $295 - $345.

* The only way to scientifically prove whether you have a mold problem or not is to take air samples!!!

* All Lab Fees Must Usually Be Paid In Advance As Labs Require Payment Up Front Unless Other Arrangements Are Made In Advance

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